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Total Ecology

February 7, 2010

I’m developing a new philosophy which I call Total Ecology. Its a human-centred model of ecology that creates a greater bond between us and ecological spaces. Ok ok ok! I’ll explain it a little, seeing as its you…. At a glance, its like this; every person has an ecological sphere of influence extending out into the natural environment, often from a humanised environment such as a town or city. By rearranging these relationships we change the dependencies and patterns of the human’s interaction with the environment. The most important difference with other ecological solutions is that this can really be felt in the human body and mind. Its a model that includes the subtle sciences. By enhancing the experience of body and mind we create feedback loops which enhance ecological spaces and counteract industrialisation. Through eating foods from natural spaces, wwoofing, organic farms, polyculture, energy rich ecospaces and so forth, the physical human organism gradually improves in quality, which leads to economic pressure to preserve and enhance ecological spaces and progressive agriculture. On subtler levels, as the human organism and energy system refine, appreciation of and desire for communication with biological and geological spaces increase, leading to further economic pressures to preserve those spaces. People will come to realise that out economic and sociological entrenchment in urban spaces and glamour is dead and drains the personal life force. As the individual becomes more powerful and sensitive, this becomes more obvious. The drive to evolve the central nervous system and human energy system will increase this pressure, as ecological spaces and good diet and correct exercises are vital tools in energy cultivation and expansion of higher consciousness, which will gradually become the most important goals of society.