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The lifespace global medicine application is a constant learning in progress and experimentation. It´s unique in its desire to create perfection within the rural and wilderness reality, where man is close to the energies of the cosmos and not separated within a blinding urban landscape.

Ultimately, lifespace or similarly inspired projects could create space for life across the whole planet, and it could really accrue sufficient momentum to do so, and to uproot the urbanisation reality. It does so using a less-is-more, aikido method sensibility. Going away from and then returning, power and force is built up and returned to alter the anti-life reality at its urban core.

This force begins its circle departing from the urban core before gaining enough momentum and power to return there. Some of this energy may be in financial form and so it is most necessary to have the correct people present in order to prevent concentrations of dangerous financial energy becoming associated with the contemporary mafia-sorceror complex underlying the viral anti-life reality playing out on the planet.

So following the principles of softness and smallness, first the lifespace reality, that which seeks to create space for real life among the human world, will grow and proliferate at the opposite pole of human civilisation. This is the strength of lifespace, which is that it will gather energy and joy (circulation) away from the intense pressures of the urban reality, a place now covering three percent of the land surface, and occupied by more than 80% of humanity.

The opposite pole of the urban reality is the wilderness, the free space unaffected by the encroachment of agriculture or technology where the forces of nature and cosmos reign and energy circulation is large and healthy. The opposite pole of the human reality are the agricultural and exploitation fronteirs, where mining and oil drilling, industrial fishing and agriculture, which in its industrial form is effectively mining, as it extracts minerals from the soil horizons which it does not replace and often permanently impoverishes the biological wealth of the area.

The wilderness-exploitation fronteir is the place where the separatist urban human reality meets the greatness of nature and the divine in a dysfunctional and abusive way. Lifespace is established on that very frontier, where land and life is cheapest and least valued by the urban reality, yet most valuable ecologically and spiritually.
Lifespace is a basis for an emerging ecological and universal human and planetary culture, including all the plant, animal and other organic being families on and around the biosphere, as well as highly evolved families such as primates, cetaceans, elephants and other mammals, and the collective intelligences and abiotic homeostatic couplings of ecosystem-at-large.
As such, it establishes its fields of activity in the three main planetary zones; atmosphere, oceanosphere and terrestrial biosphere.

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